BFT - Bear Focus Timer App Reviews

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Not working on ipad !!!

No changes in bears expressions on any situation. No sign of movement !!! My screen goes off a few minutes later, so does the bft timer.Also if I switch to other apps timer goes off. make the app working for iPad.


Helps me with work, and surprisingly with meditation, too. Thank you for this app!!

Bear Down with the BFT

Great app! Enjoyable function, art and sound. -1 Star because many of us have to work USING our phones. I’d like two options to toggle that, one in the settings, and the second by tapping on the screen - perhaps on the snout - to let bear know I’m working and to remind me to bear down with pomodoro skills. I work using my phone and this always pauses the timer which is a bugabear (I set the timer for shorter intervals to compensate). I’d also second the comments about adding reports, AND add a suggestion to include an inverted color scheme or night mode!

Very cute

I’d give it 5 stars if it could work even outside the app. I usually play stuff from youtube but the timer stops when I go out the app.

Never thought I needed this

Okay so for starters this is an actually really cool app I did wish there could be something more to it but it’s great as it is it fit really well and trust me it helps a lot with sleeping I have insomnia and this app has helped me a lot

Missing something?

Either I’m not understanding how to access the options or this doesn’t work. I can change the potential time settings but unable to get the short or long break options. Only Focus works on this app in my phone?

Worth Your Money

As someone who struggles with ADHD, sitting down and studying for more than 30 minutes was equivalent to seeing a double rainbow; it was always a struggle to actually COMPLETE my studies. I paid for Bear Friendly Timer and for the first time in my life, studied for probably six hours!It was a miracle!!!! My mom was impressed and got the app too, and she uses it frequently as well. Also, I am simply a huge sucker for well designed and cute apps, so naturally I am pleased with this one!

Very useful timer!

I use this timer to help me stay focused while doing school work. The white noise is perfect and greatly boosts my concentration. I really like how simple and user-friendly the interface is, plus the option to customize the length of focus sessions/breaks.

Missing a few features...

This is nice and clean but I’d like to see a few more features that Focus Keeper has though it could remain cleaner and just incorporate a few. I love the white noise feature in this though. I’d pay for an in-app purchase to add charts and a few more settings customizations. Also, needs sync and customized long break. This is the first time I think I’ve thought that an app is priced lower than it should be. By the way, I am in LOVE with the update and the added coffee grinder noise. Thank you for this app!

Minimalist alternative to forest

BFT has become my favorite minimalist alternative to forest! I love the ambient music / white noise. The fact that it forces me to put my phone face down for it to start and the flashlight notification is a great way to keep me focused. I’d like to see some type of gamification rewards in a future update 👍🏼


Simple and effective. Would be cuter if the bear growled a little if you flipped before time was up!

I love it, just makes me sad sometimes

Okay I love this app cause it calms me down whenever I'm stressed, but anytime I have to check my phone for the time or I get a call or something, the bear gives me a look like he's mad at me! I feel bad cause I don't want the bear to be upset at me! I just need to check something, bear! I'm sorry!!

simple, easy to use, & effective

my guy i just bought this app on a whim because i only had a dollar left on my account after buying music on itunes but it was so worth the money. i'm a high school student with very severe add & i just got an over 5,000 word essay done because my boy tom helped me focus. but fr i love that it makes it so easy to follow the pomodoro method for work efficiency; it already has the timers defaultly set to sessions of working for 25 mins at a time, short 5 minute breaks, & long 20 minute breaks - THE TIMES ARE CUSTOMIZABLE THOUGH so if the default settings don't work for you, you can change them of course. but they hella work for me. the white noise (storm sounds, campfire sounds, & a few more) being /built into/ the app is also very convenient. 🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽 not to mention the art is mad cute, & for those who like collecting, the app lets you collect different types of reward cards with different art & it just makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside man. i worked for 4 hours (w/ breaks included) but it went by so fast & i feel hella good & proud of myself for being able to finish that paper. it's really worth more than a dollar man like this'll have me efficiently working w/out getting distracted for life; if i had to choose between buying this app & buying a chocolate bar i'd gladly choose this app. because you know what they say, if you buy a person a fish that fish will last for one night but if you teach them how to fish, that's a skill they can use for life and they can have dinner every night. i digress, but my point is this app is more useful than a $1 chocolate bar so if you also have add or don't but need help focusing i would highly recommend buying it. 🙏🏽🌟🐻🎣

Fun gimmick that hampers usability

Requiring the phone to be facedown on the desk to start the timer is a fun gimmick, but for those of us who keep their phone charging on a stand or who don’t like their phones fragile face touching a hard desk, it makes the app needlessly difficult to use.

So impressed

I love apps that break thru extremely dense markets with simple innovation! So good, I’ve used all the top pomodoros apps and loved this app almost immediately! Nice job dev! Is this Unity? Very cool!

Love it

This also functions as a nice meditation timer

Love this app!

Thank you so much!

Great app

Fantastic app but I would love if you added an option to configure the timer(more than 25 min). I generally time myself when I take practice tests for SAT, which are a lot longer than 25 min. I love the idea of forcing myself to not be distracted.

Best pomodoro timer ever

I’ve been using all kinds of pomodoro app, and this is the best.

Simple! Simple! And cute!!

What a simple app again from this developer! I like their concepts. Simple and convenient app again. Strongly recommend this app to writers, students, readers and any one who need to be concentrated.

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